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How’s Psychology going?

Hi Scholars!

So having my Psychology class once a week is kind of hard, but I am finally getting the hang of it. Let me explain how the class goes: 1) We meet every Thursday. 2) Then we have these narrated videos of my teacher going through the chapter as she would in class.She also has handouts that can we print off for extra practice. 3) After that we have to take 10-20 question quiz. You get 5 attempts on the quiz and the highest score stands. The quiz is due by the following Thursday by class time. 4) During class we do two activities, one is a group activity and the second one is an individual activity. Both activities cover the chapter content from the narrative videos and quiz. Then it repeats. 

I have had to draw up a study plan to make sure that I don’t fall behind or have to rush the night before. So I’m getting the hang of it. Well that has been how my Psychology class had been going. Every other class has been great including math. I have been going very well in math class. My ASL and Social Work has been slow but good. I’m very pleased with this academic year. 

If anyone else has any useful study tips or just want to share how there academic year is going please don’t forget to comment and subscribe to my blog. I love y’all and thanks for reading!



I'm 21 year old Psych Major. I love to write, read, Starbucks and Plan. I have 4 sisters and a dog! I'm a pretty nice person.

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