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How’s Psychology going?

Hi Scholars!

So having my Psychology class once a week is kind of hard, but I am finally getting the hang of it. Let me explain how the class goes: 1) We meet every Thursday. 2) Then we have these narrated videos of my teacher going through the chapter as she would in class.She also has handouts that can we print off for extra practice. 3) After that we have to take 10-20 question quiz. You get 5 attempts on the quiz and the highest score stands. The quiz is due by the following Thursday by class time. 4) During class we do two activities, one is a group activity and the second one is an individual activity. Both activities cover the chapter content from the narrative videos and quiz. Then it repeats. 

I have had to draw up a study plan to make sure that I don’t fall behind or have to rush the night before. So I’m getting the hang of it. Well that has been how my Psychology class had been going. Every other class has been great including math. I have been going very well in math class. My ASL and Social Work has been slow but good. I’m very pleased with this academic year. 

If anyone else has any useful study tips or just want to share how there academic year is going please don’t forget to comment and subscribe to my blog. I love y’all and thanks for reading!

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Taking Intro to Psych 1001 Again?

Hi my lovely Scholars,

So as many of you know I am a Psych Major but I wasn’t always a Psych Major. For the first two years of my college life I was a Criminal Justice Major and in my first year of that major I took Into to Psych 1001. But I however didn’t do well so I want to take it again and do better and of course take a greater understanding of Psychology. So I am very excited about that. Everyone have a Great Morning and I will post again soon.

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I switched! 😮 Here’s why?

Hi Beautiful People,

As many of you know. I rant and rave about my Bullet Journal and I love it to death.  But it was not ideal for me using it for school. This is because I didn’t have weeks and weeks drawn out ahead of time. So I have bought a traditional Day Designer from Target for about $20.00.  That way I can write in my Quizzes, Exam, and Homework with just a flip of a page. I use my bullet journal my everyday life outside of school. So yeah I am very happy with this and its more balanced for me.

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Harry potter and the Curse Child

Harry Potter Fans

So I bought this book maybe the day after it came out and  I finished it the night I got it. I have spoiler alert it is written in a play format. But I didn’t mind I still loved the book! I’m was like what on a couple of parts and the end just brought it all home for me like yes this is why I love J.K. Rowling! But comment down below if you have read it no one I know has read it so I haven’t gotten a chance to talk about it with anyone!

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Dreamcatcher by Stephen King

Hi everyone,

I have been reading a new book called Dreamcatcher by Stephen King. Stephen King is one of my favorite authors and I love his books. I wanted to read this book because there is a movie out based on the book. Now the movie is great love the movie and everything however Duddits role in the movie was not as detailed as I would have liked it to be. So with that being said that is why I am reading the book to see if I can get a better understanding of Duddits. In the movie he is depicted as a kid with down syndrome and he give Henry, Pete, Beaver and Jonesy gifts. And that’s the end of Duddits untill we get to the end where he has Cancer and he himself turns out to be an alien. But I wanna know more information about Duddits. In the movie everyone’s life is talked about but not the alien who saved the world (Dubbits). So that is my main goal for reading the book to uncover the role of Duddits! Please comment any information that is connected to this book. I wanna know if you have read it. Comment and like! And of course Happy 4th of July people!!!

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One Class Down, One To Go!

Small rant……Bad news I have failed myself because I did not pass my Intro Algebra class so basically failed with flying color ugh yes I hate myself for failing myself.

But dont fear I have a game plan. I have another class to take and I need to pass it with like an “A++” so I’m going to Stop Talking about getting my “A”and actually Do what I need to get my “A”. This is my education its time to stop selling my self short. Hell that goes for my life to. I cannot live by excuses and complain about the thing I’m making excuses for. I have to get my life together. I meant I’m very good at planning things out but not very good at seeing out the things I’ve worked hard to plan out. I need a stable routine that has room for adjustments but keeps me on track. I want a have happy non-self caused stressful life.

I just  bought a new planner for my homework because my bullet journal cannot fit the type of planning for my homework that I want to do. So the first step of my getting an “A” for my math class is complete. I’m going to get this “A” and that is a promise that im making to myself no matter what the hell I have to because I want my “A” and my Education.



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Bullet Journal: July Spread

Hi Everyone,

I was watching YouTube planning videos. And I really wanted to try a Vertical Spread instead of Horizontal. When I made my June spread I made a weekly layout for the whole month, because I don’t like to switch up the spreads and it allows me to future plan for that month. I’m excited for July. Here is a couple of pictures my July spread:

The picture on the top is my monthly layout for July its split into 3 sections which are morning projects for anything that I have scheduled from 12am-12pm then there is another section where I can list my bills for the month. The other section is for my evening projects for anything I have scheduled from 12pm-12am.
The picture on the bottom is the weekly spread. I have a “notes for this week” section and a “goals for this week”. I love this whole layout for the month and the week. If you have any ideas or pictures feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading guys!!!