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School is Here!

Im so happy school is about to start in 4 weeks and I can’t wait. I have had an amazing summer filled with laughs and working, but now I’m ready for school. I miss the homework, the classes, and the rush of school. So thank you summer and hello school

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My Advisor’s advise

Advisor: well you have to psychology over again.

Me: I know

Advisor: well it took three times in Math, maybe you just need three times in Psychology

Me:..😐😐😐🤔…yeah maybe that’s it.

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How’s Psychology going?

Hi Scholars!

So having my Psychology class once a week is kind of hard, but I am finally getting the hang of it. Let me explain how the class goes: 1) We meet every Thursday. 2) Then we have these narrated videos of my teacher going through the chapter as she would in class.She also has handouts that can we print off for extra practice. 3) After that we have to take 10-20 question quiz. You get 5 attempts on the quiz and the highest score stands. The quiz is due by the following Thursday by class time. 4) During class we do two activities, one is a group activity and the second one is an individual activity. Both activities cover the chapter content from the narrative videos and quiz. Then it repeats. 

I have had to draw up a study plan to make sure that I don’t fall behind or have to rush the night before. So I’m getting the hang of it. Well that has been how my Psychology class had been going. Every other class has been great including math. I have been going very well in math class. My ASL and Social Work has been slow but good. I’m very pleased with this academic year. 

If anyone else has any useful study tips or just want to share how there academic year is going please don’t forget to comment and subscribe to my blog. I love y’all and thanks for reading!

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Bullet Journal: July Spread

Hi Everyone,

I was watching YouTube planning videos. And I really wanted to try a Vertical Spread instead of Horizontal. When I made my June spread I made a weekly layout for the whole month, because I don’t like to switch up the spreads and it allows me to future plan for that month. I’m excited for July. Here is a couple of pictures my July spread:

The picture on the top is my monthly layout for July its split into 3 sections which are morning projects for anything that I have scheduled from 12am-12pm then there is another section where I can list my bills for the month. The other section is for my evening projects for anything I have scheduled from 12pm-12am.
The picture on the bottom is the weekly spread. I have a “notes for this week” section and a “goals for this week”. I love this whole layout for the month and the week. If you have any ideas or pictures feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading guys!!!

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Daily Post: Simplicity

<a href="">Simplicity</a>

The word I’m using today will be Simplicity. I have decided to use a Quote that I like on Google and I think it makes a lot of sence to me! Have a Great Day everyone!
                                         img-thing (300×300)
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Stress, Bills and Balance

With having summer classes and work to me that’s average stress and I can work with it. I’m trying to save up and move out while taking classes and it’s stressful. I have a lot that I have to do have a lot I have to save up for. I’m a full-time college student, with a lot of bills. I have my phone bill that is $109.50 because me and my boyfriend share it, so he pays half and I pay half. I have my gym bill which is $22.00 because I’m paying for my sister’s membership as well as my own. I have two credit card bills that I currently pay $25.00 on each of them. They are slowly going down but ugh! The wait…!!! I also have my Hulu bill, which is $7.99. So yeah the only great thing about having all these bills is that my credit score goes up so when I do move out my credit will be decent!
Another thing I’m stressed about is the kind of place I will move into because I have a dog and he is big. That also plays a role in how much money I need to save up. Ugh I’m just really stressed. But my Bullet Journal is amazing help. I keep track of how much I spend each month and how much I have saved. I also track my bills so I can see the progress I’m making each month of paying my credit cards down. So that is my mini rant about my stress with bills, moving out and the balance between school and work! Thanks for reading. Please comment or email my personally with any questions! Thanks again!!!

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My New Planner For My Math Homework

Hi Everyone,

I am so sorry about the late blog post but I hope this will make up for it.

So I bought a new mini planner for my homework because taking out my new big bullet journal is really annoying. Don’t me wrong I love my bullet journal but class goes by fast and I like pen and paper so this planner has been so very useful and helpful.


Here is my cute mini planner for my homework. I love the color and it fits into anyone of my purses so that is a plus. I love the “smallness” of it. Here are some of the pages that I have blessed with homework assignments.


There are a lot of different features that I thought was amazing for what I wanted to get out of this planner for homework. They have To-Do List, School contacts so things like the email of your teachers, there are Assignment pages where of course I write down my assignments. Here are what those pages look like. I love this mini Planner right now.


I bought this planner at Michaels craft store.

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My First Homework Assignment

         My weekend has been working on homework for my math class. Now normally I wouldn’t need to spend a whole weekend on one class for one homework assignment (and I’m still not done) but I’m going to show y’all why I’m still not done. Here is my first homework assignment that’s due by this Thursday.


This is all due on Thursday the 19th. These summer class are no joke like this is one chapter and yes I want to cry, but I’m not I’m going to study and practice my ass off for this class. I’m also going to upload pages of my homework assignment. Page number 1:


Here is my second page of my homework:


These are just some of the pages that I have completed. The things that are highlighted are the headers for the type problems that will be completed next. I will busy at work finishing these long list of problems before Thursday. Wish me Luck.


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My Math Notes From Tuesday 5/10/16

Tuesday was the first day of my math class. I took some notes of course and I kind of went the flow and my set notes as class went along. I like the way they turned out. When I came home I color coded my notes. So that everything meant something and I knew what it meant.


So things highlighted Yellow are the headers that we covered in class. The things highlighted in Pink are examples that were used in class. And the things highlighted in Green are Notes or Side work, work that I did on the side of the problem to help me solve the complete problem. I apologize for the blurry pictures. I will try to get those clear for next time.