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School is About to start!

I am excited that soon is about to start and I can’t wait. School is my life and with school starting, that means that I’ll be able to plan more and feel more organized

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Taking Intro to Psych 1001 Again?

Hi my lovely Scholars,

So as many of you know I am a Psych Major but I wasn’t always a Psych Major. For the first two years of my college life I was a Criminal Justice Major and in my first year of that major I took Into to Psych 1001. But I however didn’t do well so I want to take it again and do better and of course take a greater understanding of Psychology. So I am very excited about that. Everyone have a Great Morning and I will post again soon.

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I switched! 😮 Here’s why?

Hi Beautiful People,

As many of you know. I rant and rave about my Bullet Journal and I love it to death.  But it was not ideal for me using it for school. This is because I didn’t have weeks and weeks drawn out ahead of time. So I have bought a traditional Day Designer from Target for about $20.00.  That way I can write in my Quizzes, Exam, and Homework with just a flip of a page. I use my bullet journal my everyday life outside of school. So yeah I am very happy with this and its more balanced for me.

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One Class Down, One To Go!

Small rant……Bad news I have failed myself because I did not pass my Intro Algebra class so basically failed with flying color ugh yes I hate myself for failing myself.

But dont fear I have a game plan. I have another class to take and I need to pass it with like an “A++” so I’m going to Stop Talking about getting my “A”and actually Do what I need to get my “A”. This is my education its time to stop selling my self short. Hell that goes for my life to. I cannot live by excuses and complain about the thing I’m making excuses for. I have to get my life together. I meant I’m very good at planning things out but not very good at seeing out the things I’ve worked hard to plan out. I need a stable routine that has room for adjustments but keeps me on track. I want a have happy non-self caused stressful life.

I just  bought a new planner for my homework because my bullet journal cannot fit the type of planning for my homework that I want to do. So the first step of my getting an “A” for my math class is complete. I’m going to get this “A” and that is a promise that im making to myself no matter what the hell I have to because I want my “A” and my Education.