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Bullet Journal: July Spread

Hi Everyone,

I was watching YouTube planning videos. And I really wanted to try a Vertical Spread instead of Horizontal. When I made my June spread I made a weekly layout for the whole month, because I don’t like to switch up the spreads and it allows me to future plan for that month. I’m excited for July. Here is a couple of pictures my July spread:

The picture on the top is my monthly layout for July its split into 3 sections which are morning projects for anything that I have scheduled from 12am-12pm then there is another section where I can list my bills for the month. The other section is for my evening projects for anything I have scheduled from 12pm-12am.
The picture on the bottom is the weekly spread. I have a “notes for this week” section and a “goals for this week”. I love this whole layout for the month and the week. If you have any ideas or pictures feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading guys!!!



I'm 21 year old Psych Major. I love to write, read, Starbucks and Plan. I have 4 sisters and a dog! I'm a pretty nice person.

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