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My New Planner For My Math Homework

Hi Everyone,

I am so sorry about the late blog post but I hope this will make up for it.

So I bought a new mini planner for my homework because taking out my new big bullet journal is really annoying. Don’t me wrong I love my bullet journal but class goes by fast and I like pen and paper so this planner has been so very useful and helpful.


Here is my cute mini planner for my homework. I love the color and it fits into anyone of my purses so that is a plus. I love the “smallness” of it. Here are some of the pages that I have blessed with homework assignments.


There are a lot of different features that I thought was amazing for what I wanted to get out of this planner for homework. They have To-Do List, School contacts so things like the email of your teachers, there are Assignment pages where of course I write down my assignments. Here are what those pages look like. I love this mini Planner right now.


I bought this planner at Michaels craft store.



I'm 21 year old Psych Major. I love to write, read, Starbucks and Plan. I have 4 sisters and a dog! I'm a pretty nice person.

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