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My First Homework Assignment

         My weekend has been working on homework for my math class. Now normally I wouldn’t need to spend a whole weekend on one class for one homework assignment (and I’m still not done) but I’m going to show y’all why I’m still not done. Here is my first homework assignment that’s due by this Thursday.


This is all due on Thursday the 19th. These summer class are no joke like this is one chapter and yes I want to cry, but I’m not I’m going to study and practice my ass off for this class. I’m also going to upload pages of my homework assignment. Page number 1:


Here is my second page of my homework:


These are just some of the pages that I have completed. The things that are highlighted are the headers for the type problems that will be completed next. I will busy at work finishing these long list of problems before Thursday. Wish me Luck.




I'm 21 year old Psych Major. I love to write, read, Starbucks and Plan. I have 4 sisters and a dog! I'm a pretty nice person.

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